Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Gold acrylic planets

I keep going back to the acrylics! This one I'm not sure what to name...

"More Acrylic Planets"

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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Spit n Spat vid

testing testing! 1-2-3 ;-/

It's been almost two months since being on a real? computer...
Being on the MSNTV2 tv set-top box for the last several years has spoiled me with the ease of plug-and-play!
But I NEED MORE crammIT!

So far I have managed to wipe out my entire "Auntiasbestos" domain!
Thank god they archive on a monthly bases and I'm somewhat back to normal...some photos below are missing and now lost :( from that s-m-a-l-l learning curve that I need to go through.!!

Anyways lets see how this post comes out...if at all...

This post is from the HP mini 1000.

(maybe I'll change my music, now that I can tell that it's there)

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