Sunday, December 14, 2008

Featured Artist, Dave Papa

One of Soave Faire's many original artists on display in their gallery upstairs!

"Dave Papa is a premier equine artist living in Saratoga Springs. His art is sold internationally and commercially, and his original oils are in many prominent private collections."

Daves paintings are great, I like the ones that have the background muted as though looking through a camera with a tite aperature depth-of field...very nice!

Over this past summer he spent many days outside of Soave Faire painting horses and has amassed quite a collection of horse painting, very reasonably priced I might add...

(click images for more of Daves art)



Click the KITTY for My Webpage of my paintings.

1 comment:

  1. Dude I love his work.His work looks so real as if you were right there.He has nice brush teniques to.Out of this web site his stuff is my favorite.Tell him he should chang the music it gives me a headace.Is this all his work or is there more.
    Sencerly,John C
    Marry Christmas,to all